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Gathering Under The Tree Unites Hundreds

circle kids

The four-year-old arrived just as the Fellowship Dinner began. He ran up to the Angel Oak, hurling himself at limbs slung low to the ground, within easy reach of a little boy’s wing span.

He started hugging the tree. “Fairies live here,” he whispered. “I just know it.”

From the mouths of babes.

That wise child was among hundreds of people who gathered for a first-ever celebration, One Big Gathering Under the Tree, a fellowship dinner that brought Johns Island congregations and others together in a celebration of the tree’s grace and power.

circle hands

Joined by pastors from numerous churches, local leaders, Queen Quet of the Gullah Geechee Nation, and hundreds of supporters, LOLT worked to deliver a simple message: Angel Oak has always been a place of unity, and community; working together, it always will be.

As one visitor noted: “There could not have been a better way to celebrate this beautiful place and this glorious day, than this.”

Local media provided excellent coverage of the event.
angel oak fellowship clip