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Historic Charleston Foundation Donates $50,000 to Protect Angel Oak

DSCN2006Historic Charleston Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve and protect the integrity of Charleston’s architectural, historical, and cultural heritage, has helped to
kick off the Lowcountry Open Land Trust’s fundraising campaign to purchase 17
acres of land adjacent to Angel Oak Park with its gift of $50,000. This
purchase will save the property from the development of 376 residential and
mixed commercial units while also protecting the Angel Oak, a historic
landmark that has survived for centuries. Historic Charleston Foundation
encourages lowcountry residents and visitors to help protect and preserve
this natural and historical treasure.

”In keeping with the Foundation’s mission, we are committed to preserving the
history of Charleston through its historic urban and rural resources which
give this city and region its unique character,” said Kitty Robinson,
President & CEO of Historic Charleston Foundation. “The Angel Oak offers a
real link with history that all can enjoy now and experience in the future.
The collaborative effort between the community and several institutions
demonstrates its importance.”

Historic Charleston Foundation is committed to work with the Lowcountry Open
Land Trust to ensure that the land adjacent to the historic tree is protected
from intense development thus maintaining the health of the Angel Oak.

Since its founding in 1947, Historic Charleston Foundation has dedicated
itself to preserving the historic and cultural integrity of Charleston and
its Lowcountry environs. Through public advocacy, educational outreach and
such preservation initiatives as its Revolving Fund, Neighborhood Impact
Initiative, and easements program, the Foundation has succeeded in protecting
many important architectural landmarks.

Read more on ABC News 4 and watch a video with Historic Charleston Foundation’s Chief Preservation Officer Winslow Hastie about this donation.