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Post and Courier Covers Fundraising Update

Post and Courier ran an update on the effort to preserve 17 acres adjacent to the Angel Oak today. Five-hundred thousand dollars has been pledged to protect the surrounding land from various donors, including: Charleston City Council, the City of Charleston, Seabrook Town Council, Historic Charleston Foundation, Johns Island Rotary Club, local Piggly Wiggly stores, a family foundation in California, Kiawah Community Association and individual donors. Addditonally, Kiawah resort employees are raising funds which will be match by the Kiawah Development Partners.

“LOLT is off to a good start. It has $500,000 in firm pledges toward the $1.2 million that must be received by Sept. 30 to purchase 17 acres adjacent to the park and give the Angel Oak breathing room. The actual cost of the land is $3.6 million. Charleston County Council committed $2.4 million of rural Greenbelt money, and LOLT agreed to raise the rest.”

“Mrs. Hagood said LOLT hopes that 10,000 people will donate to the cause. The Angel Oak is very special to many people. And widespread participation would be helpful in two ways. Beyond the purchase of these 17 acres, community enthusiasm and commitment could help enlarge the park even more. Another adjacent 17-acre parcel is zoned for dense development. LOLT would like to raise money to purchase that site as well, giving the Angel Oak more protection and providing more space for walking trails and educational features.”