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Conserving our Landscape

In addition to holding conservation easements, the Land Trust also owns more than 3,700 acres of highland and marshlands. This diverse set of properties contain important and threatened natural communities, habitat for endangered, rare and common species of animals and plants, historic sites, agricultural and timberland, and thriving estuaries.

As landowners, we take the lessons learned over the past thirty years, along with input from our members and generational landowners, and strive to manage these preserves for the benefit of the community, the environment and future generations. In doing so, we hope to pass on the gift of a conserved landscape to residents, visitors, businesses large and small, our local governments, and to everyone who loves the Lowcountry and wants to see its unique natural character preserved in perpetuity.

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Let Us Help You Protect the landscape you love

Since 1986, we’ve conserved lands across 17 counties, with projects ranging in size from one acre to 12,000 acres, and using an array of tools, partnerships, financing and policy measures to achieve meaningful results. We can help you protect your land, too.