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Lowcountry Land Trust is excited to introduce Damian Joseph as one of our newest board members. Damian currently serves as a Vice President for the London-based international PR firm, SE10, and regularly travels the world as an international media strategist and PR account director. After joining the Board this year, Damian has quickly begun working with our advancement team to maximize our PR, communications, and media potentials. We are excited to have his guidance and humbled by the current strength of our Board. To formally introduce Damian to the LLT community, we decided to ask him a few questions about his passion for conservation.

What inspired you to join LLT’s Board of Trustees?

Growing up in Charleston, my parents always told me that I wasn’t ready to appreciate what I had. After leaving the state for several years and living in different regions, I came to understand exactly what they meant. South Carolina is the most beautiful state in the country and I am so happy to have returned. I was looking for a way to give back to the region that raised me and, hopefully, take on a role that would make a permanent positive impact. The Lowcountry Land Trust is a perfect place to do this. By conserving vital ecosystems, we are preserving life for the next generation of South Carolinians, whether it is for outdoor activities, travel, the tourism industry, and much more. And just as importantly, we are helping preserve the home of the plant and animal kingdoms that came long before us. 

What activities do you enjoy in the Lowcountry outdoors?

I love to surf and run on the beach year-round. And when it cools off, I love to hike with my wife in nature preserves.

Why is land conservation important to you?

I think it’s our responsibility to preserve life for plants, animals and humans alike. There simply isn’t enough compassion in this world for other species and the environments they call home. I think it’s important to realize that South Carolina’s entire ecosystem is connected — what you do to the rivers inland affects the beaches on the coast, for example. To protect the beauty of one piece of the ecosystem, you have to protect it all. As a South Carolinian, I also realize that so much of our economy depends on the natural beauty of the region. To ensure we have tourism, both traditional and eco-tourism, in the future, we need to conserve what makes it special. We need to preserve the elements that make this an exceptional place to work and live.


Damian Joseph is a vice president at SE10, a London-based public relations firm. He lives in Charleston and regularly travels the world as an international media strategist and PR account director. Before entering the field of public relations, Damian was a business journalist who specialized in innovation, technology, and design. He was one of the youngest staff writers in Businessweek’s history and also a regular contributor to Fast Company. Damian also reported from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., for Hilton Head’s Island Packet. He is a member of both the PRSA and the Publicity Club of Chicago (PCC) and has also addressed the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). He earned his master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and bachelor’s degree in history from the College of Charleston. 

Damian also has a strong history in the arts. His songwriting, scoring, and instrument playing have been featured in movies, TV, and radio, and he continues to perform live. Before returning home to Charleston, he recently sat on the Associate’s Board of the Merit School of Music, which provides music education to Chicago-area youth by removing financial, geographic, and personal barriers. He joined the Lowcountry Land Trust Board of Trustees in 2021.

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