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LOLT Seeks To Purchase Second 17 Acres Near Angel Oak

A recent article in the Post and Courier discussed the Lowcountry Open Land Trust’s desire to purchase a second 17-acre piece of land adjacent to the Angel Oak. LOLT successfully raised $3.6 million to buy the first 17-acre plot, and now the organization would like to protect the second 17-acre plot from development. An additional $400,000 was raised and will be used for the purchase of the second 17 acres or education programs for the Angel Oak.

The second plot is owned by Raleigh-based Dominion Realty Partners, who originally planning to develop the land with multifamily homes and businesses before falling into foreclosure and now plans to build a 250-unit apartment community with commercial space on Maybank Highway.

According to the article, “The developer already has technical, engineering and design approvals from the city. But Dominion hasn’t yet sought building permits. The land is properly zoned for the type of development Dominion has planned.”

Join us Thursday to celebrate the purchase of the first 17 acres at 1 p.m. at the Angel Oak! View the video invitation below!