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Lowcountry Land Trust Protects Additional Acreage at Full Circle Farm

Charleston County, SC – Lowcountry Land Trust is pleased to announce the permanent protection of an additional 9.2-acre parcel at Full Circle Farm on Johns Island, donated by land owners Mary and Peter Conway in 2022. The original Full Circle Farm easement was donated by the Conways in 2017 and covers 12.48 acres on River Road. The new conservation easement brings the total protected acreage at Full Circle Farm to 21.68 acres, including about 865 feet of River Road frontage. It will help preserve Johns Island’s historic agricultural character, natural habitats, and water quality in perpetuity. 

“We are very grateful to Lowcountry Land Trust for agreeing with us that even small parcels of land are worth protecting,”  says Full Circle Farm owner and easement donor Peter Conway. “If enough farms and woodlands can be strung together, we can preserve the traditional look and feel of Johns Island. No matter what happens around us, there will continue to be places that allow crops to grow, animals to graze, and woodlands to shelter deer, ducks, and other wildlife.”

The protection of Full Circle Farm is significant for several reasons. The property contains a diversity of natural habitats, including mixed upland forests, wetlands, active agricultural fields, pastures, and open areas, all of which can support a variety of floral and faunal species as well as local agricultural and equestrian uses. Full Circle Farm is less than a quarter-mile from Hut Creek and its associated wetland tributary system, which drains directly into the Stono River, making it a crucial location for enhancing water quality and providing critical floodwater storage and filtration.

The farm is adjacent to River Road and is prominently visible to the public, contributing to the sea island’s scenic, natural, and rural character. The property has been traditionally managed for agricultural and rural residential uses. It  is currently operated as a working farm that also features undisturbed forested wetlands, providing benefits to both wildlife and the local economy. 

“We are thrilled to include the additional Full Circle Farm conservation easement in our portfolio of protected lands,” commented Natalie Olson, Sea Islands Program Director at Lowcountry Land Trust. “We hope this easement encourages the protection of other lands that, together, will strengthen Charleston’s urban growth boundary and ensure that the natural and agricultural character of Johns Island is preserved for generations to come.”



Founded in 1986, Lowcountry Land Trust partners with landowners and local stakeholders to permanently protect and nurture land throughout coastal South Carolina. Lowcountry Land Trust holds conservation easements on over 150,000 acres across 17 counties in coastal South Carolina and manages community-centered places such as the Angel Oak Preserve. More information about the Lowcountry Land Trust is available at  

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