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Preserving Vital Ecosystems through Corporate Partnerships

Lowcountry Land Trust is thrilled to announce the successful closing of two significant conservation easements on 2,169 acres in Jasper County and 733 acres in Charleston County. Both conservation easements are critical mitigation sites that will result in large-scale ecological restoration and exemplify the power of corporate partnerships in conservation.

The protection of the 2,169-acre Savannah Branch mitigation site in Jasper County is the result of a collaborative effort between Lowcountry Land Trust, Weyerhaeuser, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. The project will result in the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of approximately 1,800 acres of freshwater wetlands and over 14,600 linear feet of streams. This project is approximately one mile from the 2,851 acres of significant forestland recently protected by Lowcountry Land Trust at Turkey Hill Plantation and contributes significantly to the effort of conservation partners to connect protected lands from the Broad River to the Savannah River.

Similarly, the second project, located in western Charleston County, will enable the restoration, enhancement, and preservation of 733 acres of freshwater wetlands, creating an ecological uplift benefiting the surrounding natural lands. The conservation easements secured at both mitigation sites will be diligently monitored by Lowcountry Land Trust in perpetuity, ensuring the preservation of their valuable ecological assets.

Large-scale mitigation sites such as these use market-based tools to increase the pace and scale of conservation as regions like the Lowcountry continue to experience rampant growth and development. Not only are these properties protected from future development and other economic exploitation, but significant investment is also made in improving the ecological condition and resilience of much of the land. The conservation easements secured through partnerships with these landowners and agencies serve as safeguards, ensuring that the natural landscapes’ environmental integrity and public benefit are preserved for generations to come.

Lowcountry Land Trust is proud of its progress in partnering to expand protected areas throughout the Lowcountry. These two conservation easements are significant additions to the protected acreage in the South Lowcountry and the world-renowned ACE Basin. This effort would not be possible without the support of dedicated corporate partners who share our vision of a Lowcountry where land, water, and people thrive together.