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2012 Annual Meeting

February 6th at 5:30pm!    Click Here to Register.
The plans are happening!  For months the board and staff have been preparing for this year’s Annual Meeting.  The 2012 Annual Meeting certainly should be one for the books.

First, we are very excited about the location of the Annual Meeting.  Although we are going “off” of the Penninsula for the first timeI can remember, there couldn’t be a better location for this meeting than Founders Hall at Charlestown Landing.  Not only is the parking ample (and free), and the facility beautiful and impeccably designed, but Founders Hall is particularly significant to the Land Trust because of Charles Towne Landing’s proximity to Ashem Farm.

Ashem Farm, the beloved farm of Mrs. Emily Ravenel Farrow, was bequeathed to the Land Trust by Mrs. Farrow this year.  To learn more about Ashem Click here

Ashem, in fact, is particularly pertinent to this year’s meeting as a transformational event in the history of the Land Trust.  In addition to recognizing Mrs. Farrow and our 2011 conservation easement donors, The Land Trust is facilitating a discussion on the FUTURE OF CONSERVATION IN THE LOWCOUNTRY.  You, our members, are a most important voice in this discussion and are integral to shaping a vision for the future of conservation in the lowcountry.  We need your participation and promise a lively and fun evening.  Of course, we will have a celebratory reception afterwards by the over-sized outdoor fireplace.

The purpose of casting this Vision for Conservation is to generate a community-driven process that will direct the course of conservation for the next 25 years.  In addition to LOLT members, other stakeholders in the community and the public at large will have a voice in this vision.  The Land Trust will use this corporate vision for conservation to direct our investment of Mrs. Farrow’s gift and maximize the impact of this gift for the benefit of the lowcountry of South Carolina.  I couldn’t be more enthusiastic and expectant about this process and the outcome.  I hope you will join us in this exciting, unique opportunity!

For more information on the Visioning Process, Click Here

So please join us on February 6th at 5:30pm!  Click Here to Register.