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Legacy Donors Ginny and Mike Prevost

Among those who have dedicated their lives to conservation, Ginny and Mike Prevost stand out as legacy donors of Lowcountry Land Trust, whose unwavering support has spanned over three decades. Their contributions to the organization have left an indelible mark on the nonprofit, the region it serves, and the generations of Lowcountry residents to come.

Mike and Ginny Prevost’s journey as legacy conservation supporters is intertwined with their personal and professional experiences in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Florida. Mike’s lifelong connection to the Lowcountry landscape allowed him to witness the incredible diversity of habitats, from coastal marshes and barrier islands to swamps and uplands. His fascination with the area’s unique plant species and ecosystems evolved into a passion for conserving the irreplaceable character of the Lowcountry. For example, in the early 2000s, Mike worked for The Nature Conservancy, coordinating all the moving pieces and parts of land acquisition for the massive ACE Basin project. Ginny, on the other hand, had a moment of clarity during college in Central Florida when she participated in a project investigating the ecology of Central/North Florida. During this time, she recognized the potential threats to environmental quality and witnessed the efforts to preserve natural resources. Together, their shared love for nature and commitment to conservation laid the foundation for their future involvement with Lowcountry Land Trust.

Ginny and Mike were first inspired to support Lowcountry Land Trust in 1990, and their long-term commitment to the organization is a testament to their dedication to conservation. They realized then and continue to believe that the Lowcountry’s unique and fragile character needs protection. Their deep love for the South Carolina coast and understanding of its vulnerability to natural disasters and overdevelopment led them to recognize Lowcountry Land Trust’s vital role in safeguarding its natural resources.

Over the years, their engagement with Lowcountry Land Trust has evolved, allowing them to actively participate in the organization’s mission. The Land Trust’s work has expanded in scale and complexity, and the Prevosts have been fortunate to witness and support its journey in advancing landscape-level conservation. Among the organization’s numerous projects and initiatives, several stand out to the Prevosts for their significant impact on the Lowcountry. “From the Angel Oak Preserve within the John’s Island community to the preservation of Brosnan Forest’s invaluable longleaf pine ecosystem, to Hopsewee and Fairfield Plantations in the Santee Delta, Lowcountry Land Trust’s contributions to ecological and historical conservation have left an enduring mark on the region,” says Mike. One project that holds a special place in Ginny’s heart is the permanent protection of Boone Hall’s 600+ acres in 2019. These projects, among many others, highlight Lowcountry Land Trust’s successful efforts in nurturing the relationship between people and place and connecting the community to conservation.

The Prevosts’ support for Lowcountry Land Trust is not merely a charitable gesture but an investment in the future. As the Lowcountry experiences significant population growth and increasing development pressures, Mike and Ginny understand the importance of advancing landscape-scale conservation throughout the coastal zone. Lowcountry Land Trust, the largest local land trust in South Carolina, is pivotal in strategically leveraging donor funds to maximize financial impact and deploy resources effectively for large-scale habitat conservation. Their planned legacy gift has the power to leave a lasting impact on the organization, the region it serves, and generations of Lowcountry residents to come.

The Prevosts, with their passion, dedication, decades of involvement, and planned legacy gift, embody the spirit of conservation and provide a shining example of how individuals can make a significant and lasting impact on the future of the Lowcountry. Their unwavering commitment to Lowcountry Land Trust serves as a beacon of hope for preserving our cherished landscapes and waterways. The Prevosts hope that their planned gift will serve as an inspiration for others to make a similar commitment to conservation.

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