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Meet Legacy Donor, Demi Loftis

Native to South Carolina, Lowcountry Land Trust legacy donor Demi Loftis now spends her time between the mountains of North Carolina and the beaches of the Lowcountry. As a friend to many in the local conservation field, Ms. Loftis knew of Lowcountry Land Trust before she made charitable giving a part of her legacy plans. 

After a breast cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago, Ms. Loftis began thinking about the legacy she would leave behind. Considering the impact the environment and nature have had on her life, she recognized the importance of preserving these for generations. 

Ms. Loftis understands that development pressure is at an all-time high across the region, noting, “having a home off Folly Road and seeing all of the widespread development each time I come into town is very alarming.” She also recognizes that the Lowcountry consists mainly of fragile ecosystems like marshes and wetlands that aren’t meant to support thousand-house developments and highways extending to the sea islands. 

Highlighting how land preservation is essential to her, Ms. Loftis shares, “Organizations like Lowcountry Land Trust will be able to accomplish through conservation easements what city and state officials cannot.” This is why the work of local conservation organizations is imperative to the health of our coastal ecosystems. When we protect land by placing conservation easements on both private and public properties, there is a direct, positive impact on the Lowcountry’s beaches, salt marshes, waterways, and wetlands.

Ms. Loftis feels a strong connection to both the mountains and the sea. She has chosen to include Lowcountry Land Trust in her legacy planning because the organization is preserving natural land upstream that improves water-based habitats and human health downstream.

For questions about legacy giving, contact Meg O’Halloran, Chief Advancement Officer, at or 843.410.0939.