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Lowcountry Land Trust’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to share Lowcountry Land Trust’s strategic plan for 2023 – 2025 with you.

We stand at an inflection point in the history of the Lowcountry. Our region has not prepared for the staggering, overwhelming pace of land use changes both horizontally and vertically. I often struggle to recognize the Lowcountry within which I was raised. Our only chance to save the places we love forever is now, and time is not on our side.

The good news is that we live in a place where the love of the land is bred into our bones. Conservation has never been taken for granted, but we must appreciate and spread awareness of the tireless efforts that have protected the Lowcountry for decades, ultimately drawing so many to put down their roots here.

At Lowcountry Land Trust, we believe that conservation and growth are not opposed. They are a union of needs: open land for resilient resources and economic vitality. There is a future where the special places are protected, and land, water, and people thrive together.

Our strategic plan is the map we as an organization have already begun to follow to ensure that the Lowcountry landscapes we love are protected now and forever. It is bold, ambitious, and completely achievable with the help of our community and partners. 

Our project area is the entire South Carolina coastal plain—the geography with the triple threat of incompatible development, increased flooding, and rising sea levels. We are experienced and action-ready and are scaling up our operations to support the work we have in front of us. We have the opportunities, public support, and proven track record to complete this work.

Friends, it is go time. We are no longer planning; we are doing. Thank you for standing with us at this critical moment. Click here to read the strategic plan.

Your biggest fan,

Ashley Demosthenes
President & CEO
Lowcountry Land Trust