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Breaking Ground on the Lowcountry Center for Conservation

Charleston, SC – Lowcountry Land Trust today announced the groundbreaking of the Lowcountry Center for Conservation, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s history. The Land Trust’s new headquarters, adjacent to the new Old Towne Creek County Park, will serve as the focal point for its core mission of land conservation by providing a dedicated space for local conservation and community partners to collaborate and to house its education and outreach initiatives.

The inspiration behind this momentous project stems from the vision of Mrs. Emily Ravenel Farrow, a dedicated equestrian, historian, and conservationist who cherished her 55-acre suburban oasis known as Ashem Farm. Mrs. Farrow’s foresight led her to place Ashem Farm into conservation easements with Historic Charleston Foundation, ensuring the protection of the West Ashley property’s historic structures and preventing subdivision, voluntarily diminishing its market value. She entrusted Lowcountry Land Trust with her vision of Ashem Farm becoming the organization’s permanent home, showcasing its natural beauty and serving as an ambassador site for conservation.

Inspired by Mrs. Farrow’s vision and with her wholehearted approval, Lowcountry Land Trust proposed the long-term ownership and stewardship of Ashem Farm by Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPRC). In September 2011, the Land Trust successfully finalized the sale of the property to CCRPC, retaining the right to later acquire four acres of Ashem Farm for its own use, which it did in 2017. The remaining 51 acres will serve as the future Old Towne Creek County Park.

“Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission has always enjoyed a great partnership with Lowcountry Land Trust throughout the years,” said Kevin Bowie, Executive Director of CCPRC. “Now, we will be great neighbors located on one of our area’s most beautiful green spaces, future home to Old Towne Creek County Park and Lowcountry Center of Conservation.”

A decade later, Charleston has changed even more than what Mrs. Farrow imagined, and Lowcountry Land Trust’s long-awaited new home is designed to meet the needs of the future. The Lowcountry Center for Conservation will be the hub from which the Land Trust launches its education and outreach programs and convenes conservation and community partners. It is a place to gather, with Mrs. Farrow’s legacy a testament to the profound impact one’s commitment to conservation can have on an entire community.

“The groundbreaking of the Lowcountry Center for Conservation represents a pivotal moment for our organization and the partnerships that make local conservation deals successful,” said Ashley Demosthenes, President & CEO of Lowcountry Land Trust. “This new headquarters will not only honor the legacy of Mrs. Emily Ravenel Farrow but also provide a space for us to expand our conservation efforts and engage with the community in meaningful ways.”