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In 1993, we were honored to be chosen to hold the conservation easement on the Stono Preserve, a 981-acre property owned by the College of Charleston. The property serves as a living laboratory for students and faculty across disciplines that include marine biology and historic preservation.  In 2016, the College amended the original conservation easement to add an additional 73 acres.  

The Stono Preserve grew again in 2018, thanks to two acquisitions made possible through the Charleston County Greenbelt program and The College of Charleston Foundation.  The addition of 34 acres to the original conservation easement serve to buffer the Stono Preserve from increasing development pressure that would negated the donor’s original vision for the property as well as its educational potential for the College’s students and faculty.

Stono Preserve’s Director of Property Management Barney Holt commented on the College’s choice for permanent protection. “The fact that we put this entire property under a conservation easement with Lowcountry Land Trust is part of our ongoing commitment to honor John Henry Dick’s wishes for the land and ensure its protection and health as a wildlife sanctuary for future generations to enjoy and observe.” 


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