The Ebb & Flow BLOG

Events Impact Our Conservation Work

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a LLT event? Wonder no more! Here’s a sneak peek at the planning, strategy, and numbers behind the events you know and love. 

  1. It’s all about the land. Like everything we do at Lowcountry Land Trust, our events are first and foremost about protecting Lowcountry land. That means we approach every event with two main goals: to connect people we love with a place we love and to raise funds and awareness for our mission of preserving the Lowcountry way of life.  
  2. First steps first—find some friends. We make a strong effort to host most of our events on properties that have been protected forever through conservation easements. That means instead of working with venue rental companies we work with landowners and supporters of LLT to host our events. Private landowners graciously open their doors and give people the chance to see what conservation really looks like. Hosting events on protected properties is about more than a beautiful backdrop, it’s a central element of our mission to connect people to the lands they love.
  3. Low costs, high impact.  At LLT, we’re committed to keeping the costs of our events as low as possible so we can dedicate the maximum amount of funding to conservation and stewardship. Events are expensive and ticket sales only cover a fraction of that cost. That’s why we rely on support from volunteers, business partners, and in-kind donors to guarantee that our events raise money for the land trust, not take away from it. 

Did you know that our Sporting Clay Shoot course is set up entirely by volunteers? Did you know that so far in 2018 every single beer at an LLT event has been donated by Holy City? How about those fancy portable bathroom trailers — did you know those are 100% donated by Nature’s Calling for every event? These are just a few examples of how the gracious generosity of our friends and partners allows us to keep our event costs low and, in turn, make a greater impact on Lowcountry land. 

It’s not hard to see the common theme here – the secret to the success of LLT events is people like you. We ask for favors from donors, landowners, volunteers and business partners at every turn of event planning and we are greatly blessed by friends who always deliver. So thank you for all you do to make our events possible! 

Interested in getting involved in LLT events? Contact Amber Cook at for more information.