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Introducing GIS Intern Ellie Sekelsky

Four collegians interned with Lowcountry Land Trust this summer across all aspects of programs and administration. You can read more about their unique experiences by clicking here.

We are thrilled to introduce Ellie Sekelsky, who is spending the summer as Lowcountry Land Trust’s GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) intern. Ellie is a graduate student at the University of San Francisco, pursuing a degree in Environmental Management. Her passion for conservation and her expertise in GIS make her a valuable addition to our team.

In her role as GIS intern, Ellie is responsible for utilizing GIS as a powerful visual aid for various projects and properties. By effectively visualizing and analyzing geospatial data, Ellie is helping Lowcountry Land Trust showcase the significance of conserved lands, including their land cover and climate resilience. This knowledge is crucial for understanding how to protect and manage properties to ensure the preservation of their unique community connections and natural resources.

Ellie’s academic background has given her a strong foundation for this internship. The University of San Francisco’s program exposes students to various facets of environmental management, including ecology, climate change mitigation, and environmental engineering. This well-rounded education equips Ellie with a broad perspective on the importance of conservation and its connection to our planet’s health.

A combination of her love for GIS and her deep commitment to environmental stewardship led Ellie to choose an internship with Lowcountry Land Trust. She recognized the opportunity to apply her GIS skills in real-world conservation projects and further develop her understanding of the field. Moreover, Ellie was drawn to Lowcountry Land Trust’s mission and the organization’s passion for conserving land for both the environment and people.

One aspect of Lowcountry Land Trust’s mission that resonates strongly with Ellie is the focus on land as a means of connecting communities and fostering relationships. She firmly believes personal connections are formed in many ways because of the land. Through her work with Lowcountry Land Trust, Ellie hopes to demonstrate the positive impact that these connections can have on managing healthy lands.

As Ellie progresses through her internship, she has been particularly enthralled by the abundance of learning opportunities. Every day brings new experiences and insights related to her GIS role and understanding of the comprehensive workings of an accredited land trust. Ellie appreciates the chance to immerse herself in various aspects of the company, learning from talented professionals and gaining a holistic understanding of land conservation processes. Ellie firmly believes that her time at Lowcountry Land Trust will profoundly impact her career trajectory and academic pursuits.

We are honored to have Ellie Sekelsky as our summer GIS intern, and we look forward to showcasing the fresh perspectives and expertise she brings to Lowcountry Land Trust. Her conservation dedication and proficiency in GIS will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve Lowcountry landscapes and waterways.

We will be accepting intern applications for next summer in February of 2024. If you would like to receive more information about upcoming internships when it is available, please sign up for our email list