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Aly Petruch: Reflecting on her summer internship

Four collegians interned with Lowcountry Land Trust this summer across all aspects of programs and administration. You can read more about their unique experiences by clicking here.

Lowcountry Land Trust is excited to introduce Aly Petruch, a talented and passionate graduate student at the College of Charleston who spent the summer as a nonprofit operations intern at Lowcountry Land Trust. Aly’s academic journey has led her to pursue concurrent master’s degrees in environmental sustainability studies and public administration, focusing on empowering communities to address food apartheid in Charleston County. 

Aly saw the Lowcountry Land Trust internship as a perfect chance to learn about the operations of a successful nonprofit, an experience she believed would be invaluable for her future career. The appeal of gaining valuable skills and understanding the intricacies of land conservation in a thriving and developing area was too enticing to pass up. Her passion for both environmental issues and community development made Lowcountry Land Trust an ideal fit.

During her summer internship, Aly had the privilege of working on diverse projects. Her tasks included assisting with scheduling board meetings, organizing digital files to improve accessibility, and managing recent property documents both physically and digitally. Additionally, she had the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with Samantha Siegel on the Angel Oak Preserve project.

One of the standout aspects of Aly’s internship has been the opportunity to interact with highly knowledgeable and passionate individuals at Lowcountry Land Trust. The team’s commitment to the organization’s mission and the environment is evident, creating an inspiring and inclusive work environment. Aly mentions that this supportive culture has enabled her and other summer interns to grow professionally while making meaningful contributions to the organization.

Aly firmly believes that her time at Lowcountry Land Trust will profoundly impact her future career path. The experience gained during her internship has allowed her to apply the concepts learned in her public administration program to real-world scenarios. By witnessing the inner workings of a successful nonprofit organization, Aly feels more prepared and enthusiastic about pursuing a career that combines her passion for environmental sustainability, community development, and nonprofit work.

As Aly Petruch’s summer internship at Lowcountry Land Trust comes to a close, she reflects on the experiences she has gained. Her passion for helping both people and the environment has been reignited, and her understanding of land conservation has deepened. Aly’s time at Lowcountry Land Trust has reinforced her belief in conserving landscapes and waterways for future generations, ensuring that people and nature can thrive harmoniously. With such dedication and determination, Aly Petruch is undoubtedly poised to make a significant impact in the field of environmental sustainability and community development. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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