The Ebb & Flow BLOG


It’s that time of year, a time to look back and reflect, a time to celebrate and honor members of our community like you who protect the Lowcountry lands and waters we love.

This year alone, you helped protect six new properties over 2,673 acres in the Lowcountry. In the final weeks of 2019, we anticipate closing another two easements to protect an additional 751 acres.

Because of you, every single one of these projects will have a lasting impact on our community. These are the lands that keep our air and water clean, filter our stormwater, produce our food, conserve habitat for wildlife, and provide the scenic views and outstanding recreation opportunities that make this such a wonderful place to live. 

Here are just a few of the accomplishments you made possible in 2019:

  • Placing a conservation easement on Boone Hall Plantation, a working farm and forestland for over 300 years located in the center of one of the fastest growing parts of Mount Pleasant. 
  • Protecting 300 acres along the Savannah River, an area that provides drinking water to more than 1.5 million people in two states.
  • Extending the footprint of protected lands in the ACE Basin–one of the largest undeveloped estuaries in the country–by adding 1,316 acres to the 53,000+ acres we already protect in one of America’s “last great places.”
  • Completing work on our Johns Island Initiative, ​advancing new tools that will help protect heirs’ properties and ​other rural ​farm and forest lands in this fast-growing community that faces extraordinary development pressure.

We have equally big, equally important goals for 2020. The health of our lands and waters isn’t guaranteed, and the places you love most won’t stay the same unless we take action.

Simply put, every donor makes a difference, and every dollar goes right back into our community. Your generous contributions go beyond funding our work today, tomorrow, or next year. Because when we place protections on land, those protections last a lifetime. 

Thank you again for your continued support of Lowcountry Land Trust. None of this work would be possible without you.