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Meet land stewardship intern Beth Peebles

Four collegians interned with Lowcountry Land Trust this summer across all aspects of programs and administration. You can read more about their unique experiences by clicking here.

We are thrilled to introduce Beth Peebles, summer Land Stewardship Intern at Lowcountry Land Trust. Beth brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for environmental science, making her an invaluable asset to Lowcountry Land Trust’s stewardship team. As a rising undergraduate junior at the College of Charleston, majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Urban Studies, Beth’s academic background aligns perfectly with Lowcountry Land Trust’s mission of land conservation and stewardship.

Upon researching Lowcountry Land Trust, Beth was captivated by the organization’s mission of protecting land and water forever, nurturing the relationship between people and place, and connecting the community to conservation. She realized that Lowcountry Land Trust was more than just a brand; it was an organization driven by a genuine dedication to protecting and preserving Lowcountry landscapes. Beth’s connection with Lowcountry Land Trust grew stronger as she read articles about previous interns and saw how Lowcountry Land Trust provided them with meaningful opportunities in the environmental field. After her first interview, Beth knew that the organization was the perfect fit for her summer internship.

Regarding Lowcountry Land Trust’s mission, Beth finds herself most connected to nurturing the relationship between people and place. She believes that forming a bond with a specific location makes it more meaningful and encourages people to take action to protect and care for it. With her future plans centered around coastal management, Beth’s desire to safeguard coastal areas stems from her personal connection to the ocean. She envisions a future where shorelines are managed sustainably, benefiting both the environment and the people who cherish these spaces. Beth firmly believes that no place is too small to evoke an emotional connection and all land is worth conserving.

The Land Stewardship intern position at Lowcountry Land Trust is crucial in fulfilling the annual conservation easement monitoring obligations of accredited land trusts. This summer, Beth has the privilege of joining Hunter Allen, Stewardship Associate, on annual property monitoring visits. Together, they use specialized software to track their visits, ensure landowners’ compliance with conservation easements, and compile comprehensive reports. This role allows Beth to explore various landscapes and land uses within the Lowcountry she may not have otherwise discovered, encounter new wildlife, and engage with different individuals. Meeting property owners and witnessing their pride and enthusiasm in partnering with Lowcountry Land Trust to preserve their land has been a gratifying aspect of her internship.

When asked about her favorite part of the internship thus far, Beth emphasizes the joy of meeting diverse individuals. At Lowcountry Land Trust, she is constantly exposed to new experiences and learns from passionate and knowledgeable employees from various backgrounds. This exposure broadens her understanding of the professional environmental field, and Beth firmly believes that her time at Lowcountry Land Trust will significantly impact her course of study and future career path. With her aspirations in coastal management, Lowcountry Land Trust has provided her with a solid foundation in land conservation and stewardship.

We are honored to have Beth Peebles on the Lowcountry Land Trust team this summer. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication to land conservation make her an exceptional Land Stewardship intern. As she continues her journey with Lowcountry Land Trust, we are confident that Beth will make a lasting impact.

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