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One Month. TWICE the Impact.

May is an exciting month at Lowcountry Land Trust. 

Thanks to the generosity of two local organizations, the Pathfinder Foundation and the Speedwell Foundation, we are able to offer our donors an exciting matching grant opportunity throughout the month of May. 

Pathfinder and Speedwell are two local foundations that are dedicated to land preservation. Combined, these passionate change-makers have pledged to match up to $45,000 of donations made to the Land Trust in May. 

We call this campaign our May Giving Challenge because we ask our supporters to utilize the matching grant to double their impact. This year, our goal is to raise $100,000 for Lowcountry land during the month of May.

What does all this mean for you? If you’re someone who is passionate about the Lowcountry, then for one month only you have the chance to stretch your dollar twice as far for the places you love. If you give a gift of $25 during the May Giving Challenge, then the Pathfinder and Speedwell foundations will match that gift and turn it into $50. Your gift of $50 becomes $100. A gift of $250 becomes $500 that directly supports land conservation in the Lowcountry. 

When it comes to protecting treasured lands for the next generation, every dollar always matters. But during our May Giving Challenge, every dollar makes twice the difference. That’s twice the number of acres protected, twice the potential for the next generation of Lowcountry land lovers. So please, consider making a gift today. 

One Month. TWICE the Impact. Donate Today

For questions regarding our May Giving Challenge please contact Amber Cook at or by phone at 843-996-4601.