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President’s Log: November 3, 2020

Dear Friends,

I’m Kate Durand, the new Communications Coordinator here at Lowcountry Land Trust. I want to express my gratitude for the warm welcome I’ve received! The network of staff and supporters surrounding LLT is immensely dedicated. I feel honored to be a part of this mission to protect our lands and waters.

Since my arrival at LLT, I’ve been intrigued by everyone’s unique relationship with the Lowcountry and their mutual calling to protect it. Through video conferences and socially distanced meetings, I’ve heard countless anecdotes about what makes this place so remarkable. These marshes, waterways, and forests serve as the setting to some of our most cherished memories and monumental achievements; they also aid us in crucial, life-giving ways. Ultimately, the Lowcountry landscape is diverse, allowing us to experience it differently, but our stories reflect the same admiration.

The profound relationship between people and place is what motivates our mission, step-by-step, every day. Personal stories and collective appreciation from supporters, staff, Board, and community members make up the fabric of our efforts and help bring a lasting impact on our work. Whether you’ve called this place home for a few months, a few decades, or for your whole life, your relationship with the Lowcountry and the stories you share help define why we do what we do.

With that said, I’m so excited to hear your stories, get to know this community, and work together to protect Lowcountry lands forever.

With Appreciation,

Kate Durand
Communications Coordinator

October 26th: The Stew Crew continues to work towards wrapping up the 2020 annual monitoring season.

October 27th: Ashton Lamb, North Coast Project Manager, and David Ray, Acting CEO and Chief Conservation Officer, participated in a stakeholder meeting with conservation partners to discuss Berkeley County’s natural resource challenges and opportunities. LLT’s comments will be incorporated into Berkeley County’s updated comprehensive plan. Please visit the One Berkeley website for more information on how you can participate.

October 28th: Bruce Binney, Mid Coast Project Manager, participated in the Charleston County Greenbelt Advisory Board Subcommittee meeting. Click here to view details about the projects that were considered.

Carl Taylor, GIS and Conservation Planning Manager, attended another workshop from the Drones in the Coastal Zone series. This session focused on data management, communications, and mission planning, relevant topics as we strategize how best to incorporate LLT’s new drone into our work.

October 29th: Nathan Moyer, Director of Science and Stewardship, worked on several conservation easement stewardship interpretation questions, and an amendment request for an existing conservation easement.

October 30th: Josh Bell, Land Protection Program Manager, monitored five conservation easement properties totaling 2,579 acres in the South Lowcountry Focus Area.

We had a very spooky visitor, just in time for Halloween. Bodhi, the LLT (home) office pup, donned his costume a day early to wish everyone a happy Halloween! Check out his costume below. 


Bobwhite Quail Numbers: With quail season opening on November 23, the latest data shows that South Carolina’s bobwhite quail numbers are the highest number of birds heard since 2018. Courtesy of Tideline by The Post and Courier

[The President’s Log will feature a series of rotating guest writers, including LLT staff and board, as well as friends of Lowcountry Land Trust]

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