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Lowcountry Land Trust and SC7 Visit Cape Romain

On Friday, July 29, 2022 – Lowcountry Land Trust had the pleasure of visiting Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge alongside South Carolina 7 (SC7), a partnership between nonprofits that works to get people outdoors to gain an appreciation for and therefore protect natural landscapes in South Carolina. SC7’s signature event is a 30-day expedition during July, led by South Carolina native, Tom Mullikin, and presented by MUSC Health. Following the Palmetto Trail as the guiding pathway from the mountains to the ocean, the annual expedition highlights the seven geographic wonders unique to the Palmetto State. Along the route, SC7 hosts family-friendly hikes and kayaking adventures, fitness challenges, lunch and learns, and even reef-building opportunities.


Coastal Expeditions was our guide for the adventure as they frequently host trips to the Bulls Island/Cape Romain area from Awendaw, South Carolina. Along the way, Lowcountry Land Trust team members, trustees, and friends learned about the 66,000 acres of mostly Class 1 Wilderness* that make up the national wildlife refuge. While the beaches of Bulls Island have been accessed and used by people over time, the marshland lives completely untouched – educating us about what life was like for the original, native inhabitants of the area.

Managed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for the protection of sea turtles, dolphins, wood storks, eagles, salt marshes, and more, the 22 coastal miles of Cape Romain are not to be missed by residents of South Carolina. We’re thankful to SC7 for bringing their mission to the Lowcountry and including Lowcountry Land Trust in this important expedition. 

*This distinction recognizes this area as having some of the cleanest air on the east coast. The Class 1 Wilderness Air Quality designation provides protection from future air pollution under the Clean Air Act.


Cape Romain
Left to Right: University of South Carolina Professor and LLT Trustee Dr. Paula Feldman, Communications Manager Victoria Bock, Director of Outreach & Events Bea Girndt, Chief Advancement Officer Meg O’Halloran, President & CEO Ashley Demosthenes, SC7’s Tom Mullikin, MUSC Director of Health Promotion and LLT Trustee Susan Johnson, and Director of Community Conservation Tyler Grespin.