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SOUL Shakedown Party

We gonna have a SOUL Shakedown Party tonight

Soul of the Lowcountry Update Fall 2016


On August 30th, Lowcountry Land Trust’s Board of Trustees joined the Soul of the Lowcountry Advisory Committee at Eclectic Café and Vinyl for a “SOUL Shakedown Party.” The event followed the Board’s adoption of Soul of the Lowcountry as an of cial program of the Land Trust. Situated among displays of vinyl records ranging from Van Morrison to Snoop Dog, Eclectic provided the perfect locale for those old and new to the Land Trust to discuss the future of Soul of the Lowcountry programming.

Trustees and Advisory Committee members engaged in a “speed dating” activity of sorts and rotated through ten tables where they addressed questions such as: “What do you think is the key ingredient to making Soul of the Lowcountry successful long-term?” and “What are your thoughts on the changes the Lowcountry is experiencing and how can SOUL’s mission best address these changes?”. The conversations  owed into the evening as the two groups found common ground and inspiration in the other’s perspective. The Advisory Committee has since used this feedback in their current planning for a robust year in 2017 that will include lifestyle, intellectual and social programming events that will further SOUL’s mission and that of the Land Trust.