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A Personal Post

2013-01-24 09.22.46

A Personal Post.

My name is Lauren O’Grady and I am a college student who is usually confined to the downtown area. Originally from Pennsylvania, I did not fully understand the true depth of Charleston until spending some time exploring the Lowcountry. The time that I spent face-to-face with the Lowcountry taught me how expansive it really is. This journey questioned what is the soul of the Lowcountry, and answered with what isn’t? It showed me the connection between who we are as people and what the land is as a foundation.  My downtown  lifestyle dictated the way that I saw Charlston, and the life that I established there. My immersion into the Lowcountry presented me with the space that I needed in order to further develop my lifestyle as a student and a part of the Charleston community. It challenged me to hear the voice it shared, while also listening from within.