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College of Charleston Foundation Presents Lowcountry Open Land Trust with a John Henry Dick Print

LOLT Board President Batson Hewitt, CofC Foundation Chair Ken Gustafson and CofC President George Benson


On May17th, Dixie Plantation served as the perfect venue for a joint gathering of Board members from the Lowcountry Open Land Trust (LOLT) and the College of Charleston Foundation. College of Charleston Foundation Board Chair Kenneth S. Gustafson and College of Charleston President George Benson presented LOLT Board President Batson Hewitt with John Henry Dick’s print of a Gull-billed Tern in appreciation of the Land Trust’s work.  Mr. Hewitt remarked on the quality of partnership which the two organizations share. The print will hang in the Land Trust offices, serving as a reminder of our partnership in protecting Dixie Plantation.

Dixie Plantation has a rich history and hopeful future, something both organizations were able to enjoy and reflect about on this rainy May evening.  The event highlighted the 15 year history of the College of Charleston and LOLT partnership which began when Dixie Plantation was transferred from John Henry Dick to the College of Charleston Foundation. Over the years, the organizations have worked together to  formulate a vision for Dixie Plantation that meets the wishes of John Henry Dick, the purposes articulated in the conservation easement, and the future needs of the College of Charleston. Both organizations seek to preserve Dixie Plantation as a place of inspiration and encouragement for all that visit and, through careful implementation, provide opportunities for environmentally sustainable teaching, research, and recreation. LOLT is honored to hold the conservation easement on Dixie Plantation and our long-term stewardship of the property will serve to ensure the vision which John Henry Dick had for the property is sustained in perpetuity.