Our Story

Ours is a story of how one person’s passion can inspire an entire community to build a lasting legacy.   On July 8th, 1984, Bill Alge held a meeting on […]

Conservation Vehicle Donation Opportunity

7,000 miles—the distance covered by just one Lowcountry Land Trust conservation staffer in a year.  We get in the field, where conservation happens!  Lowcountry Land Trust is seeking a vehicle […]

Our 2019 Board Officers 

We’re proud to announce our 2019 Board Officers   MR. DAVID MAYBANK, III Maybank Industries Chairman David is a Charleston native with a degree from the University of the South […]

Working Together

If you’ve been keeping in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that lots of volunteers are devoting their time, energy, and effort into building living shorelines […]

The Ashley River Historic District

Take a moment to close your eyes, and visualize the Ashley River. Listen…the wind is blowing. You can hear an osprey screeching above you and the leaves of oaks clashing […]


      Everyone loves an interesting map! If you’ve been to an event or worked with us on an easement in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen […]