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Stories of Trust: Jimmy Hagood

Stories of Trust: Jimmy Hagood 

by Elizabeth Brown


February 8, 2017

At our 2017 Annual Meeting, we shared the video: “Stories of Trust: Jimmy Hagood.”  This is the first of many stories of trust that we will feature. These stories will explore individual’s connections to the land and the different ways it shapes each of them.

This particular film began with capturing one man’s connection to the land. However, it evolved organically to tell a story of generational reverence for the land. The process of creating this and refining our message was not simple. In fact, it was sticky and messy and took a great deal of collaboration and patience. For this, I’d like to thank Jimmy Hagood and Louise Maybank for enduring the process and letting the process guide the message of the film. Their willingness and commitment made this film possible. Jimmy put in hours coordinating shoots and withstanding multiple filming times in order for us to get it just right. Louise met several times to help us figure out the message and how to best capture it. Both of them never once doubted us but supported and guided us. You can feel their spirit and zest throughout the film. Thank you Jimmy and Louise for letting us learn.

We hope that anyone who watches this film feels the sense of connection with the process of the product and comes to understand that it is processes like these that connect us to one another. Generational reverence for the land must be taught, cultivated and encouraged, and we feel a responsibility and sense of urgency to authentically engage and cultivate the next generation of conservationists.

Sharing these stories allows us to capture the soul of it all.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed making it.