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Thank You to the Farrow Auction Volunteers!

LOLT Board Members Sam Carlton and Tom Hutto

Click Here To See A Video from the Auction!

On Saturday April 21st, the Lowcountry Open Land Trust and Historic Charleston Foundation hosted the Emily Ravenel Farrow Auction.  Mrs. Farrow had bequeathed her personal property to both organizations to support the missions of both organizations.  The Land Trust and Historic Charleston Foundation are most grateful for her generosity and had hoped that the auction would provide an opportunity to reconnect the things and places Mrs. Farrow loved with her family, friends and the community.  The auction was successful on all fronts.  It began with a preview Friday, and the formal  bidding started at 10am Saturday lasting until till 1am!   We want to thank everyone who helped make the auction a success. Thousands of volunteer hours went into cleaning, organizing and moving items; as a result, we were able to honor Mrs. Farrow’s intent and treat her possessions with integrity.   A special thank you to Margaret Blackmer, the Land Trust Board and many other supporters.