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Spotted: Lowcountry Land Trust in Garden & Gun

Have you seen the Garden & Gun February/March 2018 issue?


Turn to page 38 or click here to view the full articleWorld on a String by Antonina Jedrzejczak

Jewelry designers Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner, two sisters from Charlotte use their love for the outdoors to inspire their latest jewelry collection. The article states that “proceeds from necklaces created with those distinctive shells along with the likes of carved bone, conch, and beads, will be donated to the Lowcountry Land Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting that stretch of the South Carolina coast.” Thank you, Elizabeth and Jacquelyn, for your unique contribution to the Lowcountry Land Trust and helping us make a difference!

You can view the Twine and Twig Lowcountry collection here. Happy shopping!

“We draw so much inspiration from the land and its beauty that if we’re not protecting it, then that’s not serving anybody.”

-Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner