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Soulful Sundays, named for our Soul of the Lowcountry program which connects people to each other and to the land; and Sundays, the one day of the week we often come together around dinner tables to reconnect.  This blog series celebrates the people who do the work of the Land Trust and the people we do it for.

We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the people who put the soul in our mission.

Meet Randall: A Second Generation Dairy & Cattle Farmer

By: Ashton Lamb, North Coast Project Manager
Randall is a second generation dairy and now cattle farmer who was born, raised, and currently lives on his property that has been protected by the Land Trust since 2011. He has served in the national guard, has been a mechanic, and his favorite, a farmer. Randall turned down the opportunity for a different lifestyle and decided to pursue his calling of farming. Hear his story, his perspective on conservation easements and the wisdom he shares in this new Soulful Sundays podcast. Enjoy!

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