The Ebb & Flow BLOG

Staff Outing at Botany Bay


(L-R) Elizabeth Hagood, Denzel (LtL Intern), Meg Hoyle (LtL Director), Lewis Hay, Anna Nygaard-Ghi, Barbra Holmes, Lisa Shealy, Nancy DeWitt, Langley Altman( LOLT Intern), Elizabeth Brown

Thursday, June 28th the Low Country Open Land Trust staff took a break from the office and headed out to Botany Bay for ‘work day, play day’.  The staff met with Meg Hoyle, an Edisto Island resident and director of Learning Through Loggerheads Learning Through Loggerheads is a non-profit program on Edisto Island that provides local students with science and experimental learning opportunities. They learn how to track and mark Loggerhead nests and they also become involved in conservation projects on Edisto Island.

Meg took us on an eco-tour of Botany Bay sharing information about the natural and cultural history of the area.  The tour was very entertaining and informative.  Meg’s stories helped connect the land of Edisto Island to the people and how they both have changed overtime.  After the tour we had lunch and were able to take in the beautiful scenery Botany Bay has to offer. The day was both refreshing and reenergizing . We really enjoyed being able to get out and appreciate the lowcountry landscape we strive to protect.