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The Ashley River Historic District

Take a moment to close your eyes, and visualize the Ashley River. Listen…the wind is blowing. You can hear an osprey screeching above you and the leaves of oaks clashing together. As you raise your head from looking at the clear blue river, you see rays of sunshine highlighting the magnificent live oaks and vista of Drayton Hall. 

The 24,081 acres of the Ashley River Historic District is rich in history, culture, and lush Lowcountry landscapes. Historic plantations, working forests, and family properties maintain the historic corridor in its present condition, providing support for our local economy with tourism to local historic plantations, recreational opportunities, and the cultivation of our natural resources such as clean water, clean air, and habitat for a diversity of plants and animals. 

For many years a coalition of organizations have worked together to ensure that the special character of this place persists forever. The Ashley River Historic District has 10,936 acres protected by 26 conservation easements and LLT alone holds 15 of those easements within the district. 

We also recognize this work cannot stop.  The Ashley River corridor is under pressure – development pressure and potential land use changes that threaten its ecological, historic, and cultural resources.

We encourage you to not only support our work to protect special land along the Ashley River but also to support organizations like the National Trust for Historic Preservation who are working diligently to preserve our historic and cultural treasures. To learn more about their work and current steps to protect the Ashley River please visit the website.

It is our desire to protect special places like the Ashley River for future generations. Could you imagine if this important human, ecological, and the economically important place became unrecognizable? Act today and support LLT’s work as well as other local organizations. Let’s keep this important resource for the enjoyment of the next generation.

Our work would not be possible without the support of donors, landowners, businesses and our local community. If you want to make an impact today for our Lowcountry and for future generations, please consider supporting our mission.

Ways you can make an impact on Lowcountry lands at LLT:

Give a Gift Today: Your investment in the Lowcountry Land Trust will make a lasting impact and tangible difference for conservation in the Lowcountry

Volunteer: Each month we have opportunities for you to get out on the land. Whether joining us for a cleanup effort, helping a local landowner, or building an oyster reef on the Ashley River Marsh, our volunteers are key members of our team.

Be an advocate for LLT: Please share our mission with your peers to help us in spreading our conservation efforts. By connecting with us on social media and sharing our successes with your friends and family.